Roll Off Truck Hoist

EZrolloff Truck Hoists

Rolloff truck hoist with 20 yard roll off
Nedland's EZrolloff truck hoist are the best roll off hoists money can buy. These roll-off truck hoist are built with dual container locks (two front and two back along with flip up locks in the center for smaller containers), UHMW slide pulley block, bronze bushings for all sheaves and pulleys, and have a 51 degree dump angle. EZrolloff container truck hoists and trailer systems reduce the cost of your waste disposal practices and services. Custom containers and custom colors are available upon request.

Our small roll off trucks can fit into more confined areas that the standard trucks are unable to access. These trucks have the same features as our trailer line of products with heavier hauling capabilities. All truck hoists are backed with our 5 year warranty. Also all Nedland truck hoist come with our dependable wireless remote and back-up manual levers. Nedland Industries truck hoist are always built with higher quality materials to last you longer.

Rolloff truck hoistEZrolloff. It just makes sense.
  • EZrolloff - A Cut Above the Rest
  • Thousand of additional annual profit to the average customer
  • Lower operating cost means higher profit margins
  • More economic then traditional roll-off systems
  • Conduct business in tight quarters, narrow confines, and hard-to-reach areas
  • Double your hauling capacities
  • Nedland Industries thinks environmentally safe

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All sizes are approximate, materials and product improvement is a continuous commitment at Nedland Industries. These specifications subject to change without notice.